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Past Newsletters

Articles featured in the latest editions of the "Surprize" are listed below.

Vol. 115 - December 2022

Happy Christmas
Happy 2023
Convict – Matthew KEARNS
Matthew KEARNS trial in New South Wales
Hatches & Dispatches

Vol. 114 - November 2021

A Genealogy Christmas
Convict – Margaret STOCKER
Eric James CROSS story
Congratulations Phyllis HOY
A Covid Christmas – Poem
Roll of Honour – David Welsey EATHER
The Best Way to Safely Label Photos

Vol. 113 - August 2021

Dulcie WILLING – 103 yrs
Convict – Mary Anne COX
Convict Ship – Indispensable
Roll of Honour – Frederick EATHER
Convict Family Reunion Scheme
Obituary – Brenda KENNEDY nee CROSS
Death – Warwick CORNWALL
Cecil Cadel INMAN – Lorna Florence WADE wedding
Farewell to Old England – Jane Ison by Phillip MITCHELL
Obituary – Gloster Searle WHITE
New Email Address –

Vol. 112 - February 2021

Convict – John HILT
Convict Ship – Georgiana
Roll of Honour – Poem – This place they call Tobruk
A Convict’s Story (con’t)
HELP Required – St Peter’s Cemetery, Richmond
Grave of Ann THOMPSON - Restoration
Death Geraldine Maude KINBACHER nee MAITLAND
The Rajah Quilt
Gail GAULD – Fraser Coast Citizen of the Year
New Email Address –

Vol. 111 - August 2020

AGM – 23 August 2020
Convict – John BAINES
Convict Ship – Phoenix
Death of Captain BARKER
Roll of Honour – Henry Phillip Sydney ‘Hal’ ELLIOTT
Poem – Satnav by Pam Ayres
Poem – Kathleen O’MEARA
Emma BAINES story
A Convict’s Story (con’t)
Wedding – Samuel DAVIS-Ella CORNWELL
Old Newspapers
Hatches & Dispatches
New Email Address –

Vol. 110 - May 2020

Convict – Michael McQUADE
Convict Ship – Morley
Roll of Honour – James Harcourt RICHARDS
Obituary – William RICHARDS
A Convict’s Story -
Dulcie WILLING – 102 years
Susannah EATHER death
New Members
Hatches & Dispatches

Vol. 109 - February 2020

‘Teebar’ Homestead
Convict – Elizabeth LEE
Mary TALBOT’S Story of the Mary Ann
Roll of Honour – Singing Soldiers
A Convict’s Story –
Antique Templates
In the 1500s
A Convict’s Story -
Eaton built Church

Vol. 108 - August 2019

‘Eatonville’ House
Convict – James WINTON
Convict Ship – Larkins
A Convict’s Story -
Roll of Honour – Charles Henry CROWLEY
Abraham CORNWELL tribute
Naming conventions in days gone by
Tributes to Harry BROWNE, Doreen HAYWARD
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 107 - May 2019

Windsor Street, Richmond in 1930’s
Pioneers Despite Themselves by Meryl BROADLEY
Convict – Moses JOYNSON
Convict Ship – Eden 1 – 2nd Voyage
Roll of Honour – Harold Edwin WILLIAMS
“What if” and the magic of DNA
Milk or Beer – John George WALKER
Death – Abraham CORNWELL
Be careful how you name your children – Dawn McDonald
For Sale

Vol. 106 - February 2019

Annual General Meeting – 14 April 2019
Convict – John ARMSTRONG
Convict Ship – Hillsborough
Roll of Honour – Leslie Herbert HAY
‘Rosehill Homestead’ sold.
Odd & Sold from Old Newspapers

Vol. 105 - November 2018

Past ‘Surprize’ Newsletters CD
Convict – Thomas COWLING
Convict Ship – Royal Admiral
Parramatta 1792
Roll of Honour – Ernest Edward CROSS
Family Member of Note – Dulcie WILLING (nee HOUGH)
Hatches & Dispatches
Grave Restoration – Ann THOMPSON (formerly GILES, nee EATON)
‘Cremorne’ – built by George Thomas EATON

Vol. 104 - February 2018

Annual General Meeting – 15th April 2018
Convict – Elizabeth CHAMBERS
Convict Ship – Kitty
Roll of Honour – ANZAC Day not just for the Boys
Wedding 1914 – Rupert BALFOUR & Nita GASCOIGNE
New Members
Convict Dancing

Vol. 103 - November 2017

Release of ‘The Story of Jane Ison’
Release of ‘The Descendants of Jane Ison’
Reunion Report & Photos
Convict – Joseph BLUNDELL
Convict Ship – Perseus
Roll of Honour – James SMITH
Hatches & Dispatches
Obituary – Mrs Jane BENNETT
New Members
How to Preserve Your Genealogy Research

Vol. 102 - August 2017

Lunch Meeting – 10 September 2017
Reunion Information
For Sale at the Reunion
Convict – Henry PHIPPS
Convict Ship – Prince Regent 1
Roll of Honour – Norman Lambourne CORNWELL
Australia and Australians by Douglas Adams
Phillip MITCHELL’S version of ‘Farewell to Old England’.

Vol. 101 - May 2017

Reunion Information
New Books – ‘The Story of Jane Ison’ & ‘The Descendants of Jane Ison’.
Convicts – Matthew LOCK, Eupham Elizabeth GRAHAM
Convict Ship – Mary Ann
Roll of Honour – Albert Charles MOORE
Death of Henry Benjamin ‘Jack’ PHIPPS in trotting accident
Hatches & Dispatches
The Knocker-Upper
New Member

Vol. 100 - February 2017

History of the Group
Reunion at Strathpine Qld – 1 October 2017
Convict – Richard CLOUGH
Convict Ship – Neptune
Roll of Honour – William Maitland INNES
Family Member of Note – Kerry O’BRIEN
A little about Jane ISON
The other William BRYANT
Some Statistics of the Group
Hatches & Dispatches
AGM date – 12 March 2017

Vol. 99 - November 2016

Convicts - Michael NOWLAND, Elizabeth RICHARDS
Convict Ship - "William and Ann"
Roll of Honour - Poem - "Anzacs"
Jo WENDEN researching Thomas CROSS
Obituary - Lyn ROBSON
The ONUS Bible
An Aussie Night Before Christmas
Why Do We Have Surnames?
Hatches and Dispatches

Vol. 98 - August 2016

Convicts - Michael NOWLAND, Elizabeth RICHARDS
Convict Ship - "Indian"
Roll of Honour - George Richard WOODS
Family Member of Note - George Thomas EATON
Obituaries - Jean WILLIAMS, Harry DOHERTY
Useful Internet Sites

Vol. 97 - May 2016

Convicts - William BRIDGER, Elizabeth DOUGLASS
Convict Ship - "Admiral Gambier"
Roll of Honour - Joe MERRYFULL
Family Member of Note - Brian ANNEAR-WALKER
Prisoners of War
Hatches & Dispatches

Vol. 96 - February 2016

Convict - Mary BANNAN
Pass-Holder Regulations
Ship - "Glatton"
CD - Bridging the Years - Garth Brand
Family Member of Note - Janita Cunnington
65th Wedding Anniversary
Digitising Photos
Advice for Sewing Ladies
From Old Newspapers
Flash Language
New Member

Vol. 95 - November 2015

Convict - Richard NORRIS
Roll of Honour - Walter Sherwood SCOTT
Ship - "Admiral Barrington"
'Dorothy Bags'
Tipping Weddings
Golden Weddings - Puller/Cornwell, Annear-Walker/Clark
Obituary - Max Cross
The Christmas Truce
Hatches and Dispatches

Vol. 94 - August 2015

Convict – Isaac COOK
Roll of Honour – EATHER brothers, Frederick Reuben & Roland James
Convict Ship – "The Pitt"
JAMES Family Reunion
More on Clarendon House – Maryborough
A Strange Animal
Golden Wedding - Wayne & Merilyn Hay
Genealogy Research Tips
A Poem for Australia
Culinary Advice for the New Bride
Hatches (3) and Dispatches (2)

Vol. 93 - May 2015

2015 Committee
Convict – Charles COOPER
Roll of Honour – Ray CROSS
Convict Ship – 'Surprize'...
Family Member of Note – Garth BRAND, Musician
Clarendon House – Maryborough
Golden Wedding - Bert & Judy PETSCHULIES (nee GORDON)
Rob MILLS wedding
Grave Restoration – Thomas & Susannah CORNWELL at Tiaro, Qld
Research Tips
Queensland Patriotic Fund Letter
Hatches (1) and Dispatches (2)

Vol. 92 - February 2015

Convict – Thomas BUCKTON
Roll of Honour – Clive Stanley CROWLEY
An Australian War Requiem
Obituary – David JAENKE
Obituary – Joy HUGHES (nee GILLHESPY)
Golden Wedding - Graham & Lorraine TURNBULL (nee CORNWELL)
Facebook page
Grave Restoration Update
Hatches (3), Matches (2) Dispatches (5)

Vol. 91 - November 2014

Convict – Thomas MARKWELL
Roll of Honour – The SIPPEL brothers
Family Member of Note – Dr Dale STEINHARDT
Obituary – Dr Peter Wilton WHITE
Obituary – Patricia JEFFERIS (nee JAMES)
New contact details for Newsletter Editor & President
Grave Restoration – Grave of Thomas & Susannah CORNWELL
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 90 - August 2014

Convict – Thomas HUXLEY
Roll of Honour – 5000 Poppies
Obituary – Eric CORNWELL
Obituary – Beryl BATCHELOR
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
Grave Restoration

Vol. 89 - May 2014

Convict – Ann FORBES
Roll of Honour – World War 1 Medals
Odds & Sods from Round About
Family Member of Note – Jack CLARRIS
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
Poem – The Last to Leave
Matthew Everingham’s Grave

Vol. 88 - February 2014

Convicts – Matthew EVERINGHAM & Elizabeth RHYMES
Roll of Honour – Arthur Max ALLEN
Christ Church Spitalfields
Odds & Sods from Round About
Obituary – Robin CROWLEY
John Eaton’s Walking Stick
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 87 - November 2013

Convict - Peter Hough
Roll of Honour - The attack on Pozieres WW1
More on Albert Ezzy
Odds & Sods from Round About
Frank Crowley – Professor and Historian
Sylvia Cornwell – Apiarist
Our Daily Bread
Hatches & Dispatches
New Members – Carolyn Nielson (nee Daley); Russell Cornwell

Vol. 86 - August 2013

Convicts - Thomas Cheshire & Hannah Gee
Roll of Honour - Roy Lyndhurst Douglas
Family Member of Note – Joyce Purtle
Odds & Sods from the Hawkesbury
Obituary – ‘Bill’ Braun
Hatches & Dispatches
The Watts family
The Good Time Coming
Grave Restoration

Vol. 85 - May 2013

Convict - Joseph Douglass
Roll of Honour - Ezzy brothers
Family Member of Note – Geoff Cornwell (MS Carer of the Year)
Odds & Sods from the Hawkesbury
Obituaries - Lynette Etheridge nee Crowley - ‘Kel’ Crowley
John Eaton Trees
Grave Restoration
Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 84 - February 2013

Convict - George Sheals
Roll of Honour - Cyril Worboys
Nellie Dorothy Worboys (nee Cook)
Odds & Sods from the Hawkesbury
Obituary - Audrey Gladys Millar (nee Walker)
Dangers of Cigarette Smoking
My Country
A Man's Requirements by Arthur Crowley
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 83 - November 2012

Convict - John Barwick
Bill & Evelyn Graham - Diamond Wedding
Obituary - Ray Clarris
Odds & Sods from the Hawkesbury
Christmas Poems
Grave and Military Databases

Vol. 82 - August 2012

Convict - William Aston
Elise Wenden
Odds & Sods from the Hawkesbury
Dr Angela Smith
Obituary - Joyce Jaenke
Hatches & Dispatches
The Woman on the Land
A Little Knowledge

Vol. 81 - May 2012

Convict - Henry Allen
John Crowley's House
Peter Naylor's Special Effort
Odds & Sods from Old Newspapers
We Were Tough Kids
Grave Restoration
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 80 - February 2012

Convict - William Greentree
St Mary's Church, Brooweena
Family Member of Note - Debbie Wark (nee Hoy)
Wake Up Time
Letter Home from Sarah Thornton
Alf Smith & Abraham Cornwell
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 79 - November 2011

Convict - Henry Greentree
Golden Wedding - Jim & Meg Naylor
Adelaide de la Thoreza
Santa Visit Application
Quadruplet Lambs
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 78 - August 2011

Convict - William Dring
The Female Factory
Eulogy - Vera Shennan (nee Bennett)
Ron Hay's 90th
Congratulatory Messages
History of Aprons
Grave Restoration Update
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 77 - May 2011

Convict - John Cross
Diamond Wedding - Roy & Doreen Hayward
Grave of Thomas & Martha Cross
Leila Mills
1st Maryborough Council Commemoration
John Eaton's Walking Stick
Obituary - Tony Crowley
Future Grave Restoration

Vol. 76 - February 2011

Convict - Matthew Gibbons
Ray Collins OAM
First Fleet Gardens
St Matthews Church, Windsor
Dawn McDonald's Memories
Queensland Floods
CD of past newsletters

Vol. 75 - November 2010

Convict - William Singleton
Early Australian Christmas Celebrations
Progress on fencing of Crowley Graves on Cobbadah Station
Progress on restoration of grave of Thomas & Martha Cross
Convict bonnets
Trove website for research
The James Girls

Vol. 74 - August 2010

Notice of General Meeting – October 31
Convict – Laban White
Albert Edward Cornwell – Melbourne Cup Winner
Sir Brian Crowley – horse breeder & racing administrator
Phyllis Beswick
Stan Williams
Lily Foale
Steve Cornwell
Joan Leggat

Vol. 73 - May 2010

Convict - James Hulbert
Hulbert Family Reunion
James Family Reunion
Valé- Phillip Mitchell
Bushwalker Biscuit Recipe
Dreadnought Boy – Bert Broadley

Vol. 72 - February 2010

Convict - Thomas Upton
Family Member Profile – Leslie Hay
Obituaries – Cameron G. Walker – Dorothy Levingston
Geoffrey Walker’s contribution to his community
Grave restoration updates

Vol. 71 - November 2009

Happy New Year
Convict – James RICHARDS
Barraba Reunion Report
60th wedding anniversary – Ron & Dawn WELSH
New Members
Hatches Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 70 - August 2009

October General Meeting – Barraba Golf Club
Death – Bruce Geoffrey WILLIAMS
John EATON Bridge
Convict – William CLARK
Robey Road Locomotive – Part 3 by Robert MILLS
Barraba Reunion Weekend information
Hatches & Dispatches
Grave Restoration Fund Contributors

Vol. 69 - May 2009

Work to begin on Grave of Thomas & Martha CROSS
First Fleet Memorial Gardens at Wallabadah
Convict – Edward ALLEN
Recipe – Thing in the Piedish from Meryl BROADLEY
Robey Road Locomotive – Part 2 by Robert MILLS
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
Grave Restoration Fund Contributors
New Members

Vol. 68 - February 2009

Annual General Meeting – 29 March 2009
60 h Wedding Anniversary – John & Norma St PIERRE
Obituary – William CROWLEY
Convict – James TIMMINS
Robey Road Locomotive – Part 1 by Robert MILLS
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
Grave Restoration Fund Contributors
New Member
Notice of Motion – Public Liability

Vol. 67 - November 2008

Christmas Wishes
Convict – John COBCROFT
Family Member Profile – Peter James NAYLOR
‘Rosehill’ For Sale
Family Ties – Barraba Family members discuss Reunion
It’s a Small World
Early Farming and the Rose Family
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 66 - August 2008

General Meeting 5 October 2008
Doris COMME – 100 years young
Convict – Robert WILLIAMS
Andrew FISHBURN incident from Annette FORD
Book Report – ‘Convict Maids’ by Deborah Oxley
Wedding – 15 January 1927 – White TIPPING from Meryl BROADLEY
Matches & Dispatches
Obituary – Ethel CORNWELL (nee BATT)
New Member

Vol. 65 - May 2008

Margaret Susannah TIPPING (nee CORNWELL) – from Meryl BROADLEY
Convict – Thomas Roker Alexander GOSPER (Gosport)
Christmas Memories – Rae WILLIAMS
Articles sent on the First Fleet to Botany Bay
Gran’s Bread Pudding – from Norma St Pierre
Family Member of Note – Frank CROWLEY
Hatches & Matches
Grave Restoration Fund Contributors

Vol. 64 - February 2008

Annual General Meeting – 30 March 2008
Ezzy Family Connections to ‘Kamilaroi’
Labour Costs in NSW 1798
Tools and Utensils on the First Fleet
Recipe – Aberdeen Sausage – Lorraine TURNBULL
Family Members of Note – Bernice SPARKS nee CORNWELL & Larissa SPARKS
My Early Childhood Memories – Charlotte GORDON nee KENNY
Grave Restoration Fund Contributors
New Members
Hatches & Dispatches

Vol. 63 - November 2007

Christmas Greetings
Christmas Memories – Meg NAYLOR, John St PIERRE, Lorraine TURNBULL
Recipe – Coconut Drops from Meg NAYLOR
Reg WALKER’s 90th
Snippets from ‘Botany Bay Mirages’
Family Member of Note – Paul Joseph BUTLER
Harold & Dawn CROSSS – 50th Wedding Anniversary
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
Grave Restoration Fund Contributors

Vol. 62 - August 2007

Brisbane Reunion Report
General Meeting – 28 October 2007
August 2007 Convict – William EZZY
Bushranger at HOWELL wedding
Walter HOWELL from Arlene HARDY
‘Botany Bay Mirages’ information
Family Member of Note – Wayne Desmond GRADY
Caroline CHISHOLM’s weekly menu
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
New Members

Vol. 61 - May 2007

Valé Gloria PRIEBE (nee HAYWARD)
Convict – Joseph ONUS (HONESS, ONNESS)
Family Member of Note – Archibald CROWLEY
Eulogy – Brian Henry Lloyd SMITH
‘Botany Bay Mirages’ – Seeds for the Botany Bay Colony
‘Glengariff’ property at Biggenden by George WALKER
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 60 - February 2007

Waiting for the Postie
Brisbane Reunion – 10 June 2007
Convict – Thomas EATHER (HEATHER)
‘Roseberry’ – John EATON’s property on the Richmond River
Windsor & Richmond Gazette – 1900 – Clothing
Will of Lucy HOWELL
Annual General Meeting – 25 March 2006
Roles of Sub-groups of the Jane Ison Family History Group Inc.
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches
New Member

Vol. 59 - November 2006

Christmas & New Year Greetings
Annual General Meeting – 25 March 2007
Membership Renewal
John Eaton Bridge
Convict – John WOOD
Brisbane Reunion 10 June 2007
Margaret MORRIS’s story
Grace CROWLEY by Pippa KAY
Grace CROWLEY exhibition 23 Dec 2006 to 6 May 2007 at National Gallery of Australia (Canberra).
Possible Jane ISON Reunion in central NSW in 2008
Grave Restoration Donors
New Members
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

Vol. 58 - August 2006

Descendants of Thomas & Susannah CORNWELL (nee EATON) Reunion
General Meeting – 29 October2006
James ‘Jim’ Ernest WOLFFE – Life Story
Riverstone Meat Works – Benjamin RICHARDS
Convict – George HOWELL
Oliver HAY – childhood memories
First Church and School in the Colony of New South Wales
Medical Information for Genealogy
Obituary – Hilda CROSS nee BOWDEN
Benevolent Ancestors
Family Member of Note – Professor Emeritus Doug GORDON
An Honest Livelihood
New Members

Vol. 57 - May 2006

General Meeting – 4 June 2006
Private Henry P.S. ‘Hal’ ELLIOTT
Why Tell Our Story
Convicts – John Snr, John Jnr, William, Robert, Daniel, Edward, Ezekiel & Jeremiah THURSTON
W.P. HOWELL – Australian Cricketer
Henry CHEW – husband of Martha Ellen HOWELL, nee CROSS
Family Member of Note – Dr Liam St PIERRE
Gold Fossicking – William HILLERY by Annette FORD
1803 Burn Remedy
New Member
Grave Restoration Donors

Vol. 56 - February 2006

Annual General Meeting – 26 March 2006
Six Generations of CROSS & CROWLEY Descendants at Eugowra 2005
Jeremy GRANSDEN – Gold Medal Winner – Worldskills
Convict – Isaac CORNWELL
Margaret STOCKER Poem – Ross SNEDDON
Hatches & Dispatches
Obituary – Norma BROWN (nee NICHOL)
Our London Ancestor Trail etc. – Maurice CORNWELL
Family Member of Note – Clover MAITLAND
Convict Women in Early NSW
Grace CROWLEY letter to Margaret CURRELL
Grave Restoration Donors
New Members

Vol. 55 - November 2005

Christmas & New Year Greetings
Annual General Meeting – 26 March 2006
Membership Renewal due January 2006
John EATON book
Gathering of John EATON descendants
Dedication of grave of John George WALKER 27 Nov 2005
Convict – Thomas CROSS
Obituary – Grace CROWLEY
Memorial Tree at ‘Eatonville’
Christmas Memories
Grave Restoration Donors
New Members

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