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As we have not be able to find to an authorised picture of the ship Surprize II which carried Jane to Sydney Cove, her descendant, Kalven PRIEBE, after considerable research, has drawn a picture of what she probably looked like, and that has remained the group’s logo. Kalven PRIEBE's mother, Gloria is descended from Martha BRYANT/EATON who married Thomas CROSS through their daughter, Mary, who married Walter HOWELL.

The Jane Ison Family History Group Inc. had its beginnings in 1991 when a number of descendants of Jane Ison formed a group to arrange a celebration to mark her arrival in New South Wales in October 1794.


The Jane Ison Family History Group Inc. is a self-funded, incorporated group dedicated to the research and publication of the history of the descendants of convict, Jane ISON and her husbands, William BRYAN(T) and William EATON, and to the conservation of sites of relevance to the family.

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