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William EATON

William EATON was born on 3rd February 1769 to William and Mary EATON, in London. At age nineteen he was convicted of having stolen a Cheshire cheese, valued at 20 shillings, and was sentenced to seven years transportation. He arrived on the Admiral Barrington with the Third Fleet on 16th October 1791. By 1795 William was free to return to England but chose to remain in NSW. 


In August 1800, he and Jane ISON were married and their child, Mary Ann, who was born in May 1800, was baptised on the same day. In all, Jane and William had 9 children of whom 6 survived to adulthood.

The Hawkesbury district land granted to William in 1804 was 100 acres.  In 1812 he was granted some cattle.


After Jane’s death in 1823, William married Jane FOSTER who was 50 years old at the time. By 1828 William owned 117 acres of land and had two men working for him.  William’s son George died at 23 years and his second wife died in 1840.

William died in 1858 at the age of 89 years.  He was laid to rest in the family vault along with his two wives and son George.  His five surviving children had all married and spread far and wide in the colony.  They had become successful land holders and respected members of the community. 

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