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Jane was the first child of James Lewis LLOYD and his wife, Eleanor, nee BROWN. She was born on 2nd November 1770 in Stepney, England. The description we have of Jane is that she was about 5’3” tall, with light brown hair and grey eyes.

At the time of her trial it appears that she was a widow living in London and was involved with a group of women who were charged with stealing. Jane was found guilty and was sentenced to death which was transmuted to transportation for life. She arrived at Port Jackson aboard the Surprize on 25th October 1794.

In the new settlement she took up with a convict, William BRYAN(T), probably about 1795 with whom she had 2 children, Jane Charlotte and Martha. By 1799 Jane had taken up with the convict, William EATON, to whom she had a daughter, Mary Ann, in May 1800. Jane and William were married on 3rd August 1800 by which time William had gained his freedom by servitude and their baby, Mary Ann, was baptised on the same day.

Jane and William EATON had 9 children - Mary Ann, Joseph, William, Daniel, another son, Susannah, George, John, and Ann. The son whose name is not known appears to have died at about the age of 3 years. Son Joseph appears to have died very young while William died at 9 years. Jane and William’s other six children lived to adulthood.

Jane and William built a successful farm  which they called 'Eatonville' on land granted to William at North Richmond. During their lifetime they became relatively wealthy and were respected members of the Hawkesbury community.

Jane died in 1823 when she was only 53 years old and her youngest child, Ann, was only 10 years old. She is buried at St Peter’s Church of England cemetery, Richmond NSW.

The descendants of Jane ISON are reputed to form one of the largest family groups in Australia.

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