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William BRYAN(T)

William BRYANT arrived as a convict in the colony of NSW aboard the Pitt in 1792. Records available have spelled William’s surname both with a ‘t’ and without.

We know nothing of William’s life before for his trial. In 1791 he was charged with stealing woollen cloth, the property of John Jackson, somewhere near Tottenham and was found guilty. We have not been able to find any further information on William BRYANT.

William BRYANT formed a relationship with Jane ISON probably about 1795. This relationship resulted in the birth of two daughters, Jane Charlotte BRYANT in 1796, and Martha BRYANT in 1798. Both daughters adopted the surname EATON after Jane and William EATON were married and both later married and had families.

William BRYANT had disappeared from Jane’s life by about August 1799 as Jane’s relationship with William EATON had begun by then.

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